Super Delicious 20 Menu Virgin Island Pate For Inspiration

British Virgin Islands Food British Virgin Islands Food

Confused want to try new cuisine menu for the family? want a delicious menu and suitable for your family tongue. Then try the new menu with the following surprising texture.

This one menu called Virgin Island Pate. Which has a crisp texture on the outside and for the inside of the cake, using a variety of stuffing. But usually contains cooked meat in spicy red.

This menu is also commonly known as pastels. This food has been widely spread in various regions. And each region has its own unique cake to change the taste and fill of these foods.

Virgin Islands Pate2

Virgin Islands Pate2

However, for your family. You can make it your way. because basically, the manufacture of these foods is very easy. Especially for those of you who are good at cooking.

Because it has many variants of taste and stuffing, then to facilitate you in selecting the menu to serve your family. We have prepared some inspiration for this food from several regions. Take a look our best inspiration below:

How? you are interested to try the menu. Hopefully, your family is interested in this menu, because this menu includes a menu that is a new trend.