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Structured Settlement Calculator Structured Settlement Calculator

A. The Meaning of Housing and Settlements

A house is a building that functions as a place to live or live and a means of fostering families. Housing is a group of houses that function as living temples or residential environments that are equipped with environmental infrastructure and facilities. While settlements are parts of the environment outside protected areas, whether in the form of urban or rural areas that function as neighborhoods or residential neighborhoods and places of activity that support life and livelihood. So we can conclude from that definition that housing and settlements are functional entities because housing development must be based on a comprehensive settlement pattern, which not only includes physical construction of the house but also equipped with environmental infrastructure, public facilities and social facilities, especially in urban areas that have multiple problems and multidimensional.

Structured Settlements

Structured Settlements

B. Housing Settlement Principle:

Housing and settlement arrangements are based on the principles of benefit, fair and equitable, togetherness and kinship, self-confidence, affordability, and environmental sustainability.

C. Purpose of Settlement:

  1. Meeting the needs of the home as one of the basic human needs, in the framework of increasing and even distribution of people’s welfare.
  2. Creating decent housing and settlements in a healthy, safe, harmonious and orderly environment.
  3. Provide direction for regional growth and rational population distribution;
  4. Support development in the economic, social, cultural, and other fields.

In addition to functioning as a place of residence or occupancy that is used by humans to protect from climate disturbances and other living things, the house is also the initial place for the development of family life and livelihood in a healthy, safe, harmonious and orderly environment. Spatial planning and completeness of environmental infrastructure and facilities and so on, are intended so that the environment will be a healthy, safe, harmonious and orderly environment and can function as expected.

Structured Settlement Cash Loan

Structured Settlement Cash Loan

D. Element of settlement

The settlement consists of several elements as follows:

  1. Nature
  2. Human. In a residential area, humans are the main perpetrators of life, besides living things such as animals, plants and others. as the most perfect creature, in their lives humans need various things that can support their survival, both biological needs (space, air, temperature, etc.), feelings and perceptions, emotional needs and the need for moral values.
  3. Society. Society is a group of people (families) in a settlement that forms a particular community. Matters relating to problems that occur in the community that inhabits a residential area are:
  • Population density and composition
  • Social groups
  • Custom and culture
  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Health
  • Law and administration
  1. Building or house. Buildings or houses are a place for humans. In principle, buildings that can be used throughout the life of human life can be categorized according to their respective functions, namely:
  • Community service houses (schools, hospitals, etc.)
  • Recreational or entertainment facilities
  • Shopping center
  • Industry
  • Transportation center
  1. Networks are artificial and natural systems that provide facilities for the operation of a residential area. For an artificial system, the level of fulfillment is relative, where between the one area and the other is not the same. Artificial systems whose existence is needed in an area include:
  • Clean water network system
  • Electrical network system
  • Transportation system
  • Communication system
  • Drainage and dirty water
  • Physical layout

E. Basic Requirements For Settlements

An ideal form of settlement in the city is a question that requires a comprehensive answer because housing and settlements involve human life including human needs which consist of various aspects. So that it can be formulated simply about the provisions that are good for a settlement that must meet the following:

Structured Settlements Approved

Structured Settlements Approved

  1. The location is such that it is not disturbed by other activities such as factories, which generally can have an impact on air pollution or other environmental pollution.
  2. Having access to service centers such as education, health, trade, and others.
  3. Having drainage facilities, which can drain rainwater quickly and not cause puddles even though heavy rain.
  4. Have clean water supply facilities, in the form of distribution networks that are ready to be distributed to each house.
  5. Equipped with dirty water/feces facilities that can be made with individual systems, namely septic tanks and seepage fields, or communal septic tanks.
  6. Settlements must be serviced by garbage disposal facilities regularly so that the settlement environment remains comfortable.
  7. Equipped with public facilities such as a playground for children, the field or park, places of worship, education and health in accordance with the scale of the settlement.
  8. Served by electricity and telephone networks.

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