31 Most Beautiful Dark Nails Idea For Winter And Christmas

Christmas Winter Nail Art Design Christmas Winter Nail Art Design

Every woman wants to look beautiful. With all their efforts want to look more beautiful and one of them is to paint the nails with beautiful art. And they are powerless until nail polish on the nails is not dry ‘, says Burt Reynolds. Women pay much attention to their nails and this is normal because real women seem to care, and the hands and hair are the first to attract attention.

Colors that dominate over the years in manicures are shades of red and nude. Dark red, brown, dark blue and green are colors that could be, in winter, very tempting. Much more if you write some details that I have stated in the text, you will be the leading lady, and these colors will not be boring but very feminine.

Here we can see a nice color combination that will make your fingers look prettier, more elegant with dark nail color painting ideas. Black and dark chrome on the little finger, perfectly done and gives a true small mirror look on the nails. Nuances of neutral shades and easily integrated into any manicure.

Winter Nail Art Designs 02

Winter Nail Art Designs 02

The simplest sweater manicure you can get by applying on the first coat nail polish when it becomes dry pairs of second nail polish layer. When drying again, a drop of nail polish is placed on a plaster or glass plate and with drawing tools or toothpicks begin to draw a sweater motif on your nails. To make them more visible wear second nail polish on this motif. Let dry both coats as well and finish. Not at all difficult, and very interesting. How to look the sweater motif you will see some pictures in our gallery below.

In winter nails embossed with motifs that remind us of our grandmother knitted sweater. Many related Internet tutorials on how to do this manicure in your own home, so with a little effort quickly and easily this very popular manicure can decorate your hand. Let’s look more beautiful and sexy with attractive and beautiful nails.