25+ Super Charming and Attractive Small Paper Flower For Wedding Decorations

Paper Flower Paper Flower

Marriage is certainly a very important event for all of us. And the wedding certainly cannot be separated from the presence of flowers. Be it fresh flowers or artificial flowers.

But not only those flowers that we use for wedding decorations because now comes the new news about using paper flowers for your wedding decorations. You just need to design the shape and color according to your wedding theme.

To create your own there are many creative ideas that can help you in choosing and thinking of the shape of the relationship and its composition. For example to choose your design also can see in terms of the place that we will use for the farewell event. For example, if using a large area we can put your creation flowers on every corner so as not to separate the empty space in the area.

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet1

Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet1

You can also decorate the banquet table with paper flowers that use the centerpieces model so that the banquet table does not look boring. Because the banquet table is very important to the views of the invited guests. To add the beauty of paper flowers we can combine these flowers with the color ribbon to make it look more charming and not boring.

You also are not required to make a very large flower arrangement because sometimes the size is too large can affect the appearance of the flowers. Small size but neatly arranged can be an attraction that is more than a large size. Like, you can create a photo spot with small flower decorations to add interest to the invitees. Take a look the best gallery pictures below for inspiration:

For invitation seats you can also decorate with a series of small flowers, these creations can help the uniqueness of the design for the guests who attend the wedding invitation. To attract the attention of the invitation more to you and your partner, you can create a bouquet of flowers with paper flowers that you can automatically create your own according to your character. Good is not it, hopefully, those ideas can help you more to be able to arrange decoration for your wedding event.