20 Smores Sushi Inspiration With Marshmallow and Chocolate Combinations

Printable S'mores Cups Recipe Printable S'mores Cups Recipe

Are you a fan of chocolate and marshmallows? if true then this one food you should try. Because this food is very unique, which is made with marshmallow and chocolate but in the form of sushi.

If you hear the word sushi it must be what you will think is the typical food of Asia precisely is Japanese food. Which is famous for processed raw materials of fish and seaweed with a mixture of rolled rice.

But what if this one sushi is made of ingredients you would never have thought of by you. Ie sushi with marshmallow and chocolate sauce. yes, surely you will be amazed to hear this food.

Rice Crispy Treat Sushi Recipe

Rice Crispy Treat Sushi Recipe

But you do not wrong with the taste, because even from the strange material. This food turned out to have an incredible taste. With a sticky texture of marshmallows and a seductive sweet taste of chocolate. Make this food has a very amazing taste.

Especially for you fans of sushi, chocolate, and marshmallow. Then this food will spoil you in one component that can make your tongue explode addicted to trying it. If you are curious about this food please look at this view.

Sushi Inspiration with Marshmallow and Chocolate: 20 Smores Sushi Inspirations

You curious? then prepare your money to order it now or you can see the recipe to make it yourself. Good luck.