15 Most Delicious Chicken And White Bean Enchiladas Recipe

Chicken And White Bean Enchiladas 4 Chicken And White Bean Enchiladas 4

Cheesy Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas are a big hit for dinner this week. My kids asked them again for dinner the next day as they spied on a second pot in the freezer. When they ask, I can not resist the opportunity to have dinner lazily. I went on and roasted the second skillet I had planned to save for another meal.

Charging for enchilada is very simple, with just a few chopped spinach, white beans, cream pepper jack, salt, pepper, and cumin. But thanks to all the colorful chili peppers from the crushed pepper in the pepper, they are no less in taste. Just to make sure these enchiladas are top notch, I moisten them in a super pepper-rich peppercorn sauce. I absolutely love this creamy white enchilada!

Chicken white bean enchiladas start with a slow cooked chicken. Drool-worthy shreddable tenderness! To that, we add a touch of garlic and onion and a fish of that tomatillo salsa which also goes on top. You can use any other enchilada sauce too if you prefer red or green. My go-to sauces when I don’t make it from scratch are the Frontera brand that you can get in a pouch since it doesn’t have preservatives.

Chicken And White Bean Enchiladas 6

Chicken And White Bean Enchiladas 6

If you like a nice red enchilada sauce from scratch, you can use the red sauce I created for this venison enchiladas recipe both in the sauce and as a “smother” for baking. Add to that a few white navy beans, more garlic, and a little lime and spinach, topped with pickled jalapenos and we have ourselves a respectable chicken white bean enchilada. You can make this as spicy as you want simply by altering the type of peppers you use when making the sauce. Less spicy peppers equal less spicy sauce. Or use less of them just be sure to use a variety for a well-rounded flavor.